Devon Persing

I'm writing a book

Update: I originally wrote this post in August of 2023, and I'm updating it on January 16, 2024. You can see the original version and a diff between the two on GitHub.

I'm writing a book called The Accessibility Operations Guidebook, which I plan to launch in 2024 as a digital publication.

What this book is about

This book includes:

Who this book is for

This book is primarily for accessibility practitioners: anyone who's trying to make accessibility programming and operations happen at an organization. It's especially for accessibility specialists who find themselves in over their heads, or who are interested in growing their skills in areas like change management, program management, and operations. Secondarily, it's for anyone who is trying to support that kind of work: managers, team leads, colleagues, and so on, as well as those that work at the intersections of other DEI programs.

How you can help

To help me stay accountable and offset the cost of doing the project, I've set up a Ko-Fi. There, you can follow project updates and contribute financially. Contributions are set at a minimum of $5 USD because that's the minimum that Ko-Fi requires for the features I'm using, but you can change this to whatever you'd like to give.

For a one-time contribution, you will:

As a monthly supporter, you will:

Basically, being a monthly supporter means you don't have to wait to read the book, and you'll have ongoing access to the content in its most unpolished and unfiltered form before I do major edits.

Contact me with comments or questions

If you have a question about the project or Ko-Fi, you can send me an email through my contact page.