Devon Persing

I'm writing a book

Over the next several months, I'm writing a book called The Accessibility Operations Guidebook, which I plan to launch in March 2024.

What this book is about

I'm going to outline practical and actionable guidance for building out a sustainable accessibility program. This will include recommendations about communication, services, and program management, as well as advice about avoiding burnout. It will also include some of the frameworks and theories of information literacy and organization theory that I have brought over from my years of work and study in information science.

Who this book is for

This book is primarily for accessibility practitioners: anyone who's trying to make accessibility programming and operations happen at an organization. It's especially for accessibility specialists who find themselves in over their heads, or who are interested in growing their skills in areas like change management, program management, and operations. Secondarily, it's for anyone who is trying to support that kind of work: managers, team leads, colleagues, and so on, as well as those that work at the intersections of other DEI programs.

How you can help

Share your knowledge

While I'm writing, I'll be reaching out to members of the digital accessibility community for their input and to learn more about how they've found success (and failure) in doing the work and avoiding burnout. Research on that topic will be ongoing throughout the project and will be the primary focus of the last part of the book.

Follow and support the project

To help me stay accountable and offset the cost of doing the project, I've set up a Ko-Fi. There, you can follow project updates and contribute financially. Contributions are set at $5 USD because that's the minimum that Ko-Fi requires, but you can change this to whatever you'd like to give.

For a one-time contribution, you will:

As a monthly supporter, you will:

Basically, being a monthly supporter means you don't have to wait until March to read the book, and you'll have access to the content in its most unpolished and unfiltered form before I do major edits in February 2024. I will also not collect monthly subscriptions after February 2024, so there is a limited window for access to these early drafts.

The timeline for topics will look something like this:

Contact me with comments or questions

If you have a question about the project or Ko-Fi, you can send me an email through my contact page.